Return of the Annunaki

Before the Adventure Begins

When the adventure begins, the PCs are returning from their most recent job, a caravan-protection duty entrusted to them by the Major Captain, which included them being deputized under his employ, and guiding the clergy of the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu to Rimija and back to the temple; this is a semi-regular event, where the clergy and monks heal the sick, tend to the needy, and generally make Rimija a more peaceful and harmonious place to live. The PCs were successful in both trips, without any dangers, and they are on the path back to Rimija to de-brief, report the events of their task, and any information the temple may have shared with them in their brief time there. Before their task, they were warned that some information provided to the temple leadership pointed to a possible increase in criminal activity in the region, but details were scarce and vague.

There is no additional information the PCs have to share from the temple leadership, and it seems like it will be quite a dull report. Then, they are caught off guard by a team of well-prepared criminals. Each PC has some sort of inexpensive badge (made of copper or something similar) showing their duty to the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu (and Rimija, by proxy), and they have been paid for their successful accomplishment of the task beset to them – their gear is likely purchased from the nice dockside markets of the temple with their most recent coin.



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