Return of the Annunaki

First Run Playtest

Brave new adventurers try out this fan-created adventure arc

This Adventure Log will be for the first run playtesters, who have agreed to allow me to run this campaign while our usual GM is away.

Each character has their own unique, individual background, which they have developed. As a precursor to the adventure setup, they are hired for the purpose of escorting a group of temple monks and clergy between the temple and Rimija, on one of their many treks to the town, as part of the agreements they have with the town council leadership. They have successfully led the temple membership back to the temple, and are returning home from their journey, fully geared from their purchases at the temple markets – which are always more exciting and exotic than the offered goods in Rimija. Travel between these two sites is done on a specific forest trail, which crosses the peninsula, and follows closely alongside the coastline near its midway point.



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