Aimsar Rijin

N male human expert 5/warrior 2 (CR 5)


N male human expert 5/warrior 2 – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.


This dockside worker looks very young for his age, with short black hair, light brown eyes, and an unusually good sense of fashion, despite his occupation. He is also unusually tall for his people. Aimsar is an informant and double-agent for both the Zo trade faction, and the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu, and by extension, the Temple Protectorate (which includes the Clan of the Seven Brazen Suns, clergy of Abadar, and other lawful- and good-aligned groups with a deep interest in the well-being of the temple complex. He is the descendant of a long line of hunters and leather-workers (Tian-Shu and Vudrani lineage), and silently wishes to find proof of the afterlife before he dies. Before becoming a dock worker, he was part of a small band of mercenary adventurers called the Fearless Steel Dogs.

Aimsar cracks his knuckles when he is thinking deeply or explaining something in detail. He makes token bets about minor things, and complains about smells that no one else seems to notice. He has a secret lover amid one of the trade ship crews, that he meets with occasionally when the traders come in to dock at the temple complex, but if the affair were brought out in the open, it could potentially incriminate them both, and cost either of them their jobs. For allies, he will provide you with an alibi, accompany you on a dangerous intelligence-gathering operation, or instigate a massive boycott of your rivals or enemies (especially if they are traders on the temple complex dockside).

Aimsar Rijin

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