Akash Ginh

Crime Ring member, female human rogue 3


CN female human rogue 3; Burglar, skulking sniper rebuild (CR 2; GMG p. 265, Human rogue 3; replace feats, Deft Hands and Skill Focus [Perception] with Point Blank Shot and Weapon Focus [shortbow]), 600 XP

Before Combat: Ginh drinks a potion of jump, and draws her shortbow to attack oncoming targets before the ambush. She will not act before the Skilled Sniper’s readied action goes off.

During Combat: Ginh attacks with her ranged attacks, attempting to flank foes with the other crime ring members if possible, and changing to melee weapons only when needed.

Morale: Ginh is brainwashed into being a killing machine for the purposes of the insurgent crime ring, and is willing to fight to the death. If her allies are killed, especially her secret lover, Ri Anyu, she begs to be killed, believing she will be reborn in a better life for her dedication the cause of the criminal organization. She knows this organization seeks to lay the groundwork for the coming rise of the sleeping empire of the Ancient Ones, the “primordial dragons” or “serpent kings.”

Additional Items:
On her person, she carries a pendant she claims is her father’s – a gift he gave her before his death – and a parchment with a note and ink drawing of a strange and morbid symbol.
Heraldic Pendant
Parchment with Serpent Symbol & Note


Akash Ginh, Miss Akash, or Ginh

Akash Ginh has long slender fingers, and the thin build, and dark skin and hair of a Tian-Dan (originally from Xa Hoi), raised in Minata. She is an attacker in the first encounter of the 1st-level adventure portion, ‘The Crime Ring,’ and a member of the crime ring insurgence into Rimija and the nearby temple complex.

She is arrogant, spiteful, and cunning, but self-loathing to an almost violent degree; she believes if she dies for her cause, she will be reborn as an ascendant of the coming side of the ‘Empire of the Ancient Ones,’ probably with great powers of the mind or sorcery. She tends to sniff or taste things, even when out of place. She tends to accuse other of things she secretly or openly dislikes about herself.

Background: From an exiled family of Xa Hoi, raised in Minata, her father was a historical buff, but unable to take up the actual profession of historian or archaeologist, due to the shame of his family dishonor in their native country. She has been brainwashed into believing the propaganda fed to her by the crime ring leaders, and her superiors, and is willing to die for their cause, but she is still reasonable, and over time, could be convinced or deprogrammed to join the cause of the party, or else she will be executed for crimes against the common good, and conspiring to commit murder in Rimija. She was the childhood playmate of a VIP in the pirate clans, who may or may not be a leading member of a Minatan pirate clan. She once ran away from a duel, she secretly wishes to marry her childhood sweetheart, and if allied, her boon is to spy on or kill someone on your behalf.

Akash Ginh

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