Aldaisariel Imrikyo

High Trade Captain of Temple of Amaditi-teratsu, CG female half-elf expert4/warrior3 (CR 5)


High Trade Captain (CG female half-elf expert 4/warrior 3) – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.

Zimshuni of Maka-Lei (first mate of the Alabaster Hammerhead for Aldaisariel Imrikyo) is a NG female human expert 5/warrior 1 (CR 4).


Confident, sharp, optimistic but prudent in the affairs of the open seas. Aldaisariel is the last in a long line of human and half-elven sea-farers in southeastern Tian Xia, intent on making the best out of the temple’s high security and scrutiny over its ports, along with its teeming dockside markets. She has the closest relations to all other Trade Captains of central and northern Minata among the temple’s governing council, and she commands a moderate trade sailing vessel called the ‘Alabaster Hammerhead’ (Chi’lamh Seweit Sidh-lah in Minatan), with a crew of 48.

She has stubby fingers, a partially shaved head, twitches her nose and cheeks while she speaks, and winks while she listens intently to others. She is heavily scarred all over from having pox as a child. Aldaisariel is easily angered when people talk about pirates, and has to openly tell herself to calm down and make breathing and “flowing energy” gestures, and often prays for people quickly during passing conversation. She prefers people not to refer to her as “Captain” except as her profession during normal passing conversation, and prefers to be called by her first name, Aldaisariel.

Aldaisariel once attempted to be a traveling missionary of Sangpotshi, but failed in gathering even a single devotee as she had hoped, and went back to the family business of sea-faring trade. She shares in Ilistaeriel’s hopes of finding a new home for a previously wounded and badly mistreated animal (a panda named Ojin), and tries to find someone who will help do so. On some uncommon occasions when visiting local taverns during big entertainment events, or visiting bards at the amphitheaters, when she wishes not to be in the public eye, she takes on an alternate persona – her secret identity, “Felona Dominguez,” when she often wears elaborate costumes, wigs, and feather-covered masks.

She will allow the PCs to use her ship and crew (without her, with her First Hand, Zimshuni of Maka-Lei) during the 2nd-level adventure portion (*’The Naga Financier’*), to take down the Crime Ring on Belem before they attack again. For a true ally, she will sabotage a bridge, dock, portside structure, or other holdings by an enemy as a favor, usually by proxy and with very little evidence of tampering or much unplanned messiness.

Aldaisariel Imrikyo

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