Biko Niuri

Trade Ship crew member, LN male human expert 4/warrior 2 (CR 4)


LN male human expert 4/warrior 2 – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.

See also Captain Nakayama Yuto


This simple Minkaian man is a fisherman for Minkai Southeast Trade Exports (or MSTE), on board the crew of the MSS Cold Blue Ice, and under the employ of Captain Nakayama Yuto. He has the gaudy but fashionable taste of a gypsy, with thick, dark, curly black hair which he keeps long, and drawn back into a bandana. He has dark brown eyes, several common sailors tattoos, a few scars on his arms and chest, and a hearty laugh.

He has intimate and detailed knowledge of the life of Amyi Teratsu, one of the women known to be the source of the lore regarding Amaditi-teratsu‘s mortal lives on Golarion. As well, he has extensive knowledge of the pirate clans of Minata – especially the ship crew’s notorious rivals, the Crimson Lotus Clan. His father and grandfather were Minkaian fisherman who traded along the same route he does now, and he has detailed knowledge of the open-seas events which have taken place, such as raids and territory/holding exchanges over the last fifty years or so.

Biko Niuri

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