N male human rogue 1, Tian-Sing (Minatan)


Use stats for Pickpocket:
Byomborasi is an unwilling, blackmailed crime ring member in ‘The Crime Ring,’ and if cured of his drug addictions, he can be a strong ally and informant for ‘The Naga Financier,’ as well as in the future.


Unfortunate Byomborasi, a Minatan man with a wife and family, was brutally and violently forced to join the crime ring, addicted to the potent drugs they mixed in the food, drink, and potions, and told if he did not help them, his entire family would be killed. Although reluctant to do so, he carries out orders as required of him, but in combat he is more likely to surrender if he is the last one standing, and will reveal any information he knows to the PCs upon capture. He wants only to leave the crime ring, but is afraid he will die, or they will find out and kill his family, who are in the crime ring’s custody—most likely on the island of Belem, although it is not confirmed. He itches at his neck nervously, a side effect of the drug (hybrid Qat), and even more so when he is suffering from withdrawals.
Although he had always been a petty thief of the northern Minatan markets before his capture and recruiting in the crime ring, he has pledged to never again commit a single crime if he can escape the crime ring and save his family, and to act only in the best interests of families and communities. He doubts this will ever happen.
Byomborasi has a round, boyish face, with straight, shiny black hair and almond-shaped brown eyes. On his otherwise flawless skin, he has a long, darkened scar along his lower neck, and a tattoo of a sea otter and a ship anchor on his inner forearm.


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