Captain Czulian Ubyo

Clan of the Dying Wind contact, fleet captain, N male dhampir expert 4/psychic warrior 3/ninja 2


N male dhampir expert 4/psychic warrior 3/ninja 2 – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary. Substitute psychic warrior class levels for fighter or magus -class levels in campaigns which are not psionics-friendly, or replace fighter or ninja class levels with aegis or vitalist class levels for more advanced psionics groups. Kibuntengo is a NE male human warrior 7.


This tall, thin, gray-haired dhampir is captain over an allied fleet of 3 ships for a rogue branch of the Clan of the Dying Wind which questions the motivations and leadership of several of the Clan’s splintering internal factions. While he maintains his ties with the Clan leadership – in particular the noble lineage of vampires of which he is born – he is largely an independent and stoic ship captain, unlike most of his peers in the Clan who pledge their undying and unquestioning loyalties to corrupt masters. His flagship has 38 crew members, and his two other ships bring the total crew members to 90. His black and red stained-wood sailing ship, covered in blood-red bones in many places, is a moderately sized sailing ship called the Sanguine Elixir of Vitality (or “Nam Tihpth-si Daeng-Kchem Kxhung Sheuwit” in Minatan).

Covered in tattoos, piercings, and the clothing of savage war chieftains, Czulian occasionally dons the more appropriate garb of his Clan, including a noble’s outfit and a long black or burgundy cape. He rarely smiles, and always stands out in a crowd, even one filled with cannibalistic savages, mostly because of his intense green and lavender colored eyes, which he can make flash gold at will. He does not understand the use of sarcasm, jokes, or metaphors in conversation, and often acts as though one must further explain the notion before moving on. He enjoys telling people the “real” reasons that they do things, always criticizing and second-guessing the decisions of others.

As a youth in the Dying Wind, Czulian was falsely accused of a crime against a rival family’s bloodline, when he was captured and imprisoned without reason or duration, and exiled to a prison island in southern Minata. Later, he escaped, slowly gaining his own resources, ships, and crew, and earning his reputation once again in the Clan – however, now he works silently and patiently to bring about their eventual downfall, or else to usurp their power from them in total. He secretly wishes to “get into the history books,” and has several hired chronicler scribes aboard his vessels for just this purpose. He knows the secret way to safely kill, cook, and prepare the deadly poisonous yellow iris sting- fish, and several delectable dishes which can be prepared with it. For a true ally, he will gather exotic supplies for you wherever he makes port on his planned travels, often at a discount (10-20% off).

In order to do business or gather information at port in the temple complex, Czulian Ubyo uses a human proxy named Kibuntengo (Minatan/Tian-Sing), who is a savage local south Minatan cannibal who joined Czulian’s crew and ground crew after the ascending ship captain stayed the hand on an execution of Kibuntengo following a failed raid on their holdings by the savage’s tribe members. Educating the savage troops to either sailor rank or information gatherers at local ports, Czulian personally raised from the life of primitives to the life of pirates – not a huge step, but progress nonetheless. Kibuntengo is not mute, but does not speak except in rare and severe circumstances, instead relying on others who know him better to do most of the explaining (such as Aimsar Rijin, who has been information-sharing with Kibuntengo for nearly a year).

Captain Czulian Ubyo

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