Captain Nakayama Yuto

Captain of the Trade Ship, MSS Cold Blue Ice, LN male human expert 5/warrior 4 (CR 7)


LN male human expert 5/warrior 4 – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.


Captain of the Minkai Trade Vessel, MSS Cold Blue Ice (“Namh-khaeng Si-Fah Yenh” in Minatan) for Minkai Southeast Trade Exports (or MSTE). He commands a single ship, with a crew of 40, including Biko Niuri.

He has a club foot, which gives him a slight limp, and he does not perform any of the strenuous activities of the ship’s performance which require him to run or climb, instead screaming out orders to crew members in Minkaian, Minatan, Tien, or a smattering of the three (it seems his crew has become multi-lingual over the years). He has medium-toned brown hair, lightened from years in the sun, with a portion of gray mixed in as well – he keeps this above shoulder length, and often pulled back with a tie or elastic band made of local goods (rubber or other organic matter). He has calloused hands from many years at the wheel of ships, and while he wears a few tailored and ornate items of clothing related to his company (MSTE), he has a generally liberal manner of keeping up his appearance, including dirty and torn clothing, unkempt facial hair, and dirty hands.

Nakayama Yuto has established a reputation for being among the most courageous and daring sailors on the Minatan seas, and were it not for his superb sense of integrity and motivation to do trade in one of the most dangerous regions around, he would probably make a decent pirate. He likes to count things, make subtle comments about numbers and insinuate all sorts of meanings out of them, and enjoys putting on an air of mystery and clandestine activities, despite being law-abiding and good-willed. He drinks potent Minkai alcohol far too much and too often, and tends to be promiscuous with local women at this time (but never ship crew members).

He once inadvertently saved the life of a woman who would become one of the most ruthless slave traders of the Crimson Lotus Clan. Though his parents are both deceased, he would secretly like to impress his disapproving mother by his current deeds and successes. He knows the secret location on Belem where a set of powerful magic items is buried, but has never been there. For a true ally, he will call in an important favor a friend or colleague owes him, and use it on your behalf.

Captain Nakayama Yuto

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