Commander Kakimi Notu

Mossy Grotto Clan contact, fleet commander, N female samsaran cleric 5 (Air, Water, philosophy)


N female samsaran cleric 5 (Air and Water domains) – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.


This samsaran devotee of the common nature faith of the Mossy Grotto commands a fleet of 7 ships (three sailing vessels, and four smaller ships and river-boats), led by her flagship, The Meandering Peacemaker (“Kghlai-kghleyih Kghud-Khaeyeuihw” in Minatan) which bears a crew of 34 of the total 138 members of the fleet’s crew. Around 35% of the crew is sailors-only NPCs, but a majority of crew members have class levels in cleric, druid, oracle, ranger, or witch, and all sea-faring members abide the laws as set forth by the High Covenant of the Mossy Grotto, a druidic group based out of the eastern Valashmai region.

Kakimi often sighs deeply and in a satisfied tone while thinking, listening to others, or before speaking, and has a very small and thin mouth. She has dark blue hair pulled up into a ponytail, light blue skin marked with henna tattoos, and she dresses in the clothes of a sailor, below a more ornamental covering with long streamers that drape down to her knees. She often wears flowers, sprigs of leaves, or ornamental grasses in her hair, or on her person as part of her daily wardrobe. She is very sensitive to criticism or conflict, often raising her voice in pitch but softened volume, solving conflict with proverbs and ephemeral spiritual reasonings. She practices a form of elemental spirit worship and a philosophy of sea-faring travel shared by many in the Mossy Grotto Clan, which practitioners do not wish to ascribe a name, but which many outsiders refer to as “ship-spirit” faith, while those who have more specific information about the beliefs refer to its practitioners as “Seekers of the Horizons.”

As a young child, Kakimi was forced into prostitution as sort of ‘exotic girl,’ but was rescued by a ranger-sailor of the Mossy Grotto when the twisted brothel was raided and dismantled. Taken in by the druid circles of central and southern Minata, Kakimi quickly ascended in the ranks of the unique pirate clan. She secretly wishes to erase all her past failure and miseries in a single dramatic act, preferably by liberating many other children from the same or similar circumstances as her own youth. She knows the best fishing spots on any island in the region that she has ever visited, and she can introduce a true ally to a friend within the Inner Circle or Outer Circles of the High Covenant.

Commander Kakimi Notu

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