Dinh Phung Tunh

Major Captain of Rimija, male human warrior3/inquisitor1


Major Captain, Dinh Phung Tunh (LN male human warrior 3/inquisitor 1)


Tian-Dan (from Xa Hoi); Major Captain, Dinh Phung Tunh, Tunh, or Mister Dinh

Dinh Phung Tunh has dark skin and straight black shoulder-length hair, and a severe demeanor when in concentration, with brown eyes bordering on reddish-maroon. His slender build belies his strength, which he displays during his almost daily training sessions for new and continuing town militia members, when his combat skills are clearly visible, and his ability to communicate these techniques to others are similarly obvious.

Tunh is a Tien male with a gruff and discerning nature, who values order and honor above all else. He agrees to uphold the order of the council and its people, to serve the community as its defense strategist and primary warrior, and to teach, organize, and lead the guardsmen of Rimija (a primarily volunteer position filled by commoners or locals with combat experience or basic training by the Major Captain himself). He usually required others to explain a joke or metaphor, clearly having little imagination and a cultural disconnection from Minatan locals, especially.

The current Major Captain has been in the position for over 30 years, and no volunteer or trained local except a handful of veteran militia members have been trained by anyone but him. While he is not the most compassionate and open-minded sort, he is honorable, dutiful, and upholds the common good, as well as the law of his people – whatever form that may be. As a trained inquisitor of the temple (worships the air goddess Amaditi-teratsu), he is also educated on many things most other locals and simple combatants are not, and is considered an extension of the clergy membership of the temple. A deep secret Dunh holds to himself, when he was a youth, he took part in the vandalism and burglary of a local shop, for which no one was ever convicted. Several years later, before moving to Rimija, he worked at a family-owned tavern that was burnt down by Minatan bandits (most likely affiliated with a pirate clan), and vowed to mete out justice in regions of disorder, finding his place in the activities of the isolated town’s security several decades ago. Under his watch, there has only been one suspected case of murder – the only unsolved case, which Tunh wishes he could someday solve and close his case files – which happened almost ten years ago.

Dinh Phung Tunh

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