Emraiel Ignatzi

Rimija Council Member, Advisor of the People, female half-elf expert4


Lead Advisor of the People (NG female half-elf expert 4)


Emraiel Ignatzi, Emraiel, or Miss Ignatzi

Emraiel is thin and fragile-looking with long straight black hair which has two blonde streaks in it, and despite her overwhelming beauty, her hands are scarred and badly mangled from a childhood accident. She wears glasses, and is almost always followed by a human child who acts as her scribe and personal assistant, named Ishmarna (Tian-Sing, from Minata). Ishmarna rarely speaks, but often rolls her eyes and silently detests many of her actions, and if pressed while separated from her, she will admit a small displeasure for her employer, but she is overall well-paid for her efforts. When she is very frustrated with Emraiel, she might say something mean about her behind her back (such as, “You know, she acts like she is so much better than us, but her farts stink just as bad as any other!”).

Emraiel is a devout follower of Desna, Amaditi-teratsu, Shelyn, and a Vudrani goddess named Janasini, whom she believes are all facets of the same goddess, and she prays or says little superstitious comments very often. She is a terrible liar, and while diplomatically she is quite adept, her ad-lib bluffing is almost painful to watch; in the past, the Major Captain has attempted to train preparedness for potential pirate raids, and dealing with training drills for interrogations and capture, where her behavior and reactions have become the talk of many gossip circles. She also is known to have attempted being a merchant, selling small trinkets and jewelry, but failing miserably – her strengths in diplomacy and organization efforts during past times of hardship were her only saving graces, and her close relationship with the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu ensures her continued support in Rimija.

One day, Emraiel would like to cross the ocean to visit Vudra, and some of the sacred sites she has heard about in that land from travelling monks and clergy of the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu. In addition, there is a story of an unknown creature that lives west of the town, which occasionally attacks livestock animals at night, which Emraiel knows which snacks it prefers (ducks, preferably only seared but uncooked) and will keep it at bay for an extended period. She also knows the proper and formal way to read and create treasure maps, according to Minatan half-elven tradition.

The council is made up of a group of elders and elected members which can differ in number through the years, but which currently stands at nine members (seven elders and two elected non-elders), five of which occupy the most important seats, the Advisors. These are listed in the town’s description, as each Advisor is a specialist, advocate, and organizer for a specific function of the community. Lead Advisor of the People deals primarily with the personal needs of the people of Rimija, much like an advocate for healing or counseling services, or working with other parties to meet the common needs of all people in the community.

Emraiel Ignatzi

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