Hamengkhu (Rimija)

Rimija Council Member, Advisor of Relations, male human aristocrat4


Lead Advisor of Relations (LN male human aristocrat 4)


Hamengkhu, or Mister Hamengkhu

A Tian-Sing (from northern Minata) with thick, coarse hair, an eyepatch, and missing several fingers, Hamengkhu is strangely kind and positive despite his non-pedigree appearance. He carries himself well, and is just as adept at espionage, deceptions, and intimidation as he is at diplomacy and trade negotiations. While he does not always employ these means, he understands that while dealing with back-stabbing and conniving individuals like double-agent pirates when concerning the security of his hometown, that any and all means must be explored and implemented without pause for consideration. He makes a point not to kill insects or other small, natural pests, but instead gently moves them out of the way or picks them up to carry them outside, or else gently contain them until such time when he can adequately do so. He is a quiet but devout follower of Abadar, Amaditi-teratsu, Irori, and Shizuru, and he often takes care of these shrines in the public temple in his spare time.

As the son of the previous occupant of his council position (his mother), many have accused him early on of being symptomatic of nepotism in Rimija‘s government, however his actions and continued support of the community’s well-being over the long term has earned the respect of the people and the council alike. He has held the position for over twenty years. He doesn’t talk about his scars/wounds, and will politely but quickly and purposefully change the subject when it does come up, or else claim he has somewhere else to be, or something to be working on, before taking his leave.

Hamengkhu secretly wishes he could attain an even higher rank in life, such as that of a prince or high minister of one of the northern temples outside Minata, or even the exotic lifestyle of the trade princes of the far west, in Vudra and Kelesh. He once had to kill someone in self-defense, and never reported it; similarly secretive, he knows about orc blood in his family lineage, and is silently shamed by this. He is married to a half-elven Minatan woman named Umsing-Nguay.

The council is made up of a group of elders and elected members which can differ in number through the years, but which currently stands at nine members (seven elders and two elected non-elders), five of which occupy the most important seats, the Advisors. These are listed in the town’s description, as each Advisor is a specialist, advocate, and organizer for a specific function of the community. Lead Advisor of Relations performs a similar role to the Lead Advisor of Commerce, but primarily deals with all non-trade issues, and this includes any other groups, individuals, or trading partners the town of Rimija deals with (trade or otherwise) outside of the temple complex to the north.

Hamengkhu (Rimija)

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