Ilistaeriel Omoranagi

High Guardsman of Temple of AT, male half-elf inquisitor2/monk4 (CR 5)


High Guardsman (LN male half-elf inquisitor 2/monk 4) – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.


Ilistaerial Omoranagi is the Elite Guardsman and appointed Patron Supervisor of the duties of the High Protectorate of the Temple Complex (or, “Temple Protectorate”). He is very short even among humans at 5’ 1" in height, is missing a finger on his left hand, has webbed toes, and a facial scar going up his ear and around the back of his head, from a laceration which has removed much of the top of his left ear. He has long dark hair which hangs past his shoulders, but which he often keeps ties up in a tight top-knot with simple sticks, twine, or gristle-bands.

With Tian-Shu human and half-elven parents originally from Lingshen, his family were refugees from a rural town overrun by evil monstrous hordes from Shenmen, which forced them to flee to Po Li when Ilistaeriel was very young. He collects candles and candlestick holders, including elaborate lamp stands and old, rickety and gaudy chandeliers (nothing of any real value); he enthusiastically inspects any encountered objects of this sort and extols their “unique” qualities. He also is a fervent believer in a sect of philosophical notions which combine elements of Pao-Lung and Sangpotshi, and which preach a heavily substantiated series of methodologies involving non-violence in resolving conflict, and never kills insects or other pests, gently moving them out of the way instead. He attempts to practice non-violence only to the extent that it does interfere with the temple complex’s safety, and he then must fulfill his duties above those strictures of his beliefs. He meditates daily, drinks and eats food and liquid offerings blessed by the clergy and oracles, but otherwise spends most of his time at the monastery, the temple proper, or in the community working with other guardsmen or checking up on new or important activities outside the walls of the inner complex. He is very quiet and modest about his beliefs, even though it is not a secret or uncommon belief in the temple complex, practicing intense modesty and humility.

He has taken up the recent task of trying to find a new home for a previously wounded and badly mistreated animal (a red panda named Ojin). He secretly employs several well-meaning “spies” (or information-gathering agents) to plant themselves in the activities of the Zo Trade Faction vessels, the allied vessels of the Clan of the Seven Brazen Suns, and even the Trade Ship vessels (often with the permission or at the request of the captains of these ships), in order to root out and neutralize other secret informants or traitors to the temple complex’s peaceful trade and open ports, and only a select few members of the Temple Protectorate Alliance are aware of this activity and organized espionage for the sake of maintaining orderliness of the busy temple complex ports. He will train an animal for a friend or as a favor, or can cast an inquisitor spell he knows or detect someone’s alignment for an ally at no cost.

Ilistaeriel Omoranagi

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