Mason's Guildhall Treasurer (Temple of AT), LE male human aristocrat 3/conjurer 3 (CR 5)


LE male human aristocrat 3/conjurer 3 – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.


This light-skinned Minatan (Tian-Sing) man is not an Elite Treasurer of the Stone-Mason’s Guild Hall, but he is among the most influential of the Treasurers, and one of the wealthiest individual citizens in the temple complex community. He is slightly tall for his race, and thin, with dark brown hair kept short and dyed bleach-white on top, and dark brown eyes. He has well-manicured hands and feet, and wears very nice clothes and jewelry such as rings and gem-bearing amulets (non-magical). He has a pierced nose and ear, connected by a chain (Vudrani style), with a distinctive eyepiece that he wears on his right eye. He bites his nails when he is nervous or in deep thought, and avoids making any kind of physical contact with others; when touched by someone else without gloves or other clothing/covering, he grows noticeably repulsed and tries to clean himself as soon as possible.

Despite being from a family lineage involved in the temple complex’s masonry for many generations, Irebhotegho always rebelled against his family ties until a time during his collegiate Academy studies, he was vacationing in northern Minata, and was supposed to be involved in a duel to defend his own honor after insulting an esteemed noble tradeswoman. Instead of participating in the sword-fight, he had the woman murdered in her sleep the night prior to the planned event, and Irebhotegho ran away once again to the temple complex, staying put and staying silent ever since.

He is secretly a member of an evil cult of atheist asura devotees whose philosophy of the destruction of all religions holds the goals of subverting the membership of any faith group, and involves the planned goal of the visible/apparent death of a deity as a show of their weakness to mortals. He is the person who used a summon monster spell item to bring forth the asura outside the Mason’s Guildhall to help lead locals away from the path of worshiping the deities.


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