Cutpurse (CR 1/2; NPC Codex p. 144, Human rogue 1), 200 XP

Before Combat: Irimu drinks a potion of jump, and hides behind a large boulder, leaping out to flank foes and knock them out or kill them outright.

During Combat: Irimu will use gear to hamper foes, striking and making flank with his crime ring allies.

Morale: Irimu is steadfast during fighting, but if it appears he cannot win, he will attempt to flee.


Irimu has curly dark hair and a thick mustache unusual for Tian-Sing, with a patch of blonde hair. Originally from Quain, Irimu was captured and enslaved by nagaji, and sold to a pirate captain in Minata, who renamed him. After killing one of the ship crew in self-defense, he fled, joining the crime ring as a last resort to attaining freedom from justice or vengeance, and framing a fellow crew member. When he inadvertently saved the life of a chaos priest (level 2: ‘The Naga Financier’), he was shown mercy and the opportunity to join the crime ring.

Because of his other cultural upbringing, he tends to ask for explanations of everyday things. He often performs tasks of labor. He has a secret illness, which is slowly killing him. He also worships Lady Nanbyo.


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