Issa Duni

Rimija Council Member, Advisor of Farming, female halfling expert4


Lead Advisor of Farming (N female halfling expert 4)


Issa is a homely-looking halfling, whose ancestry likely included tian human lineage, since she exhibits many of the physical characteristics of the human locals, including straight black hair that she wears up in a bun, and almond-shaped eyes of two different shades of brown. She tends to shake her head a lot, and makes hand gestures to accentuate her words during conversation.

Aside from the duties of her job, which she takes very seriously, Issa is also very active in the community – she always has a seemingly endless font of gossip, continuously chatting in vague and generalized terms about various rumors and scandals. She has a small and loyal dog named Urgo that follows her around everywhere she goes, even though she seems to ignore him almost completely, no matter what she is doing.

Before coming to Rimija, Issa lived in a northern Minatan town where she was repressed, raped, and abused, because of her race and gender, and she escaped indentured servitude when she left for the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu. She secretly always wishes she could garner the approval of a disapproving parent, even though her parents are now both deceased. She knows why no one swims at the falls pool anymore (leech infestation).

The council is made up of a group of elders and elected members which can differ in number through the years, but which currently stands at nine members (seven elders and two elected non-elders), five of which occupy the most important seats, the Advisors. These are listed in the town’s description, as each Advisor is a specialist, advocate, and organizer for a specific function of the community. Lead Advisor of Farming deals with all issues related to farming, field production, fishing, pearl farming, and herd/flock animals.

Issa Duni

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