Javis Zhaheng

Clan of the Seven Brazen Suns contact, LG male tengu inquisitor 3/paladin 4 (Shizuru) (CR 6)


LG male tengu inquisitor 3/paladin 4 (Shizuru) – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.

Captain Angyarho Muji is a LG male samsaran cleric 3/paladin 5/samurai 3 (Shizuru).


This slick-feathered tengu has bright, golden-yellow eyes, and keeps his feathers oiled and slicked back against his skin, but is otherwise very clean and tends to his appearance. He wears masterfully tailored clothes of a Taldane/Tien style from Amanandar, including a wide-brimmed, tri-corner feathered hat, which he substitutes for an ornamental helmet during, or prior to combat. He cannot keep a secret, is a terrible liar, and gives long, drawn-out explanations of things that don’t typically need an explanation at all. When asked to do something unpleasant, he does a terrible job on it, rather than simply refusing the unwanted task. He is secretly terrified of anything that naturally shapeshifts or polymorphs, including druids who utilize their wild shapes, and hates all uses of polymorph spells. He has a penchant while on the open seas for being judge, jury, and executioner of major and minor offenders, including drug dealers and slave-traders, whom he despises.

Javis was once an applicant and acolyte to a powerful devil-worshipping group in Minkai, before renouncing the cult and turning in its upper membership to legal authorities for murder and subverting local authority. He wishes to see an angel, and to go on a pilgrimage to the Inner Sea (specifically, the nation of Cheliax, and the region called the Worldwound). He knows the secret way to placate the otherworldly captain of the ghost ship called the Rain of Eighteen Stars, by appeasing his ancestors with gold coins thrown into the sea, or by making an offering of salted fish, silver, and incense ash thrown into the sea, in the name of a ghoulish creature called the Kodama of Eighteen Severed Heads, which sometimes has been seen appearing to consume the offerings. He can bring allies by ship to the Temple of Shizuru in northern Minata, and introduce allies to the High Priestess there.

Javis is part of the crew of a ship, led by Captain Angyarho Muji, called the Star Pelican, with a crew of 30, and part of a fleet of 5 ships, including 1 warship.

Javis Zhaheng

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