Morphosia of Willowspeak

CN female tiefling necromancer 4/witch 7, Indigo Bones contact


CN female tiefling necromancer 4/witch 7 – stats not provided. See also, Yujioshi (proxy), Old Lady Bones, and Minatan Pirates.


Morphosia of Willowspeak is a tiefling descended from Tien parents and abandoned at an early age to the jungles of southern Minata. She has dark skin of a dark purplish-red hue, large curving horns on her head, a forked tongue like a snake, a reptilian tail and reptilian scales along her legs, along with an additional thumb on each hand (positioned to the side of her pinky fingers), and clawed fingers and toes. Her vibrant golden eyes glisten in even the faintest light. She has long dark black hair streaked with red, which she keeps unkempt and often in ragged loose locks, or wound tightly into dreadlocks. She is a generally beautiful and shapely woman, but she has a terrible deformity on her torso she often keeps covered (vestigial twin).

Morphosia was raised by strange beasts of the jungles of south Minata for many years, and often acts in ways others find strange, including picking insects directly out of the air and consuming them alive, rooting around for grubs in the dirt, and smelling/tasting things in the wild, like animal droppings and strange fungi/molds. She enjoys acting mysterious and mystical, and sees “signs” in many common events. She is obsessive about the lore regarding ancient artifacts and other magic items which can grant her power, and craves the thrill of dominion over others. She grows more and more relaxed the worse or more dangerous things get; conversely, she is on edge when things seem to go well, or are calm and quiet.

Morphosia commands four ships, none of which she prefers to think of as her “flagship.” They are called the Sinking Death, the Belladonna Beauty, the Ambrosia Sky, and the Flaming Eye of Indigo. Each of them is built with a “shadow spine,” a strange artifact made from black bones and grafted into the lower hull of the ship, which causes the ships to heal damage naturally, along with other benefits of the powerful nightshade spirits which allowed themselves to be bound like genies, in order to promote the creation and potency of undeath in the world. Morphosia once came upon these ships, which seemed to be built and left abandoned (but in perfect condition) in a tiny hidden lagoon many years ago, and has used them since that time to build her own pirate clan family to make up for the one that abandoned her as a child. She is the only one who knows the command words for the items/nightshades, and guards them jealously. One day, she would like to create and complete an immense artwork of the macabre, a “Citadel of Death,” constructed entirely from bones and corpses and shaped like a massive temple of the dead.

Morphosia is searching for the perfect lover – man or woman – who can pleasure her and accept her for who she is, and if such a true ally can be found in a PC, she will marry them to solidify such an alliance.

Morphosia of Willowspeak

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