Dockside fishery expert and tradesperson (Rimija), N male wayang adept 3/expert 3


Nama-wagnhiaw, Nama, or Mister Nama

Rimija’s dockside fishery expert and tradesperson, specializes in pearl farming and river fish.

Nama has twilight-black skin, the sides of which are bleached, including the exterior half of his arms and legs, which are all covered in black tribal tattoos. He has many ear piercings, and lots of ritual scars. His long, shockingly white hair hangs past his shoulders, and has a few thick streaks of black in it, and a thick mustache of black. He tends to pick at his teeth nervously, and prefers times of chaos over times of peacefulness, since the latter usually results in humans suspecting/accusing wayangs of things, often incorrectly. He trusts very few humans – save for his assistants and only real friends, Nuni and Ming-Nya (see below) – and deals with all others with some level of distaste or spitefulness.

Nama is a failed priest of a small Minatan wayang tribe (the wayang religion called “the Dissolution”), and the failures of his own follower caused the rest of the tribe to turn on him, forcing him into exile. He then discovered Rimija, where he was welcomed for his knowledge in pearl farming, which he helped establish in its early years in the town. He secretly wishes to be reunited with his son and daughter, whom he last saw when he was forced to flee in exile from this tribe. He knows the identity of the real murderer who blackmailed Nama’s follower, leading to their exile, and his follower’s death.

Assistants: Nuni (male) and Ming-Nya (female), Tian-Sing humans (expert 3), are very kind and helpful, and tend to work very hard for Nama, even when he is unwilling to deal with others.


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