Old Lady Bones

Indigo Bones Clan contact - CN old female wayang adept 4/expert 4 (CR 6)


CN old female wayang adept 4/expert 4 – no stats provided. GMs are encouraged to create their own stats for NPCs which play a larger role in the adventure, or use the temple complex’s community stats when necessary.

Yujioshi is a NE male human barbarian 3.
Morphosia of Willowspeak is a CN female tiefling necromancer 4/witch 7.


This wild, unpredictable, and completely uninhibited elderly wayang woman has many piercings, intricate skin bleaching and tattoos depicting all manner of animals, objects, and designs. Her long, curly black and white hair is dyed a wide variety of colors, and usually held back in a colorful bandana or headdress, and some of it is wound into dreadlocks, complete with beads and other objects shoved into them. She wears a fake eye-patch, laughs maniacally at inopportune times, and yells at others around her, even if it is unwarranted. She carries around a notebook to write down important information, but has trouble reading her own handwriting, which she seems to pull out at strange times to take down seemingly random data about those around her.

She sells body parts, plants, fungus, and many disgusting forms of organic matter, to all manner of customers – some of these are genuinely useful magic components and alchemical resources, while some have dubious practical uses, from increasing sexual urges and intimacy capabilities, to relieving all manner of illnesses, to “ridding evil spirits and cleansing your living space.” She has her products carried around for her in a massive steel-braced wooden chest by a massive and quiet bugbear named Grobo, who generally remains complacent and usually responds only to the requests and commands of Old Lady Bones (some claim this cohort is bound some powerful magic or mind-controlling effect).

Old Lady Bones, while strange and unruly, is a strong source of reliable information regarding the Indigo Bones Clan, which is not allowed to make port at the temple complex – she keeps in touch with her contacts and allies through divination magic and proxy messengers, including Grobo. She particularly enjoys sharing her special tea with others, and is fully addicted to the hallucinogenic but mild and pleasurable substance, which she makes from local herbs of Minata (and possibly other sources). She wishes to eat the heart of a giant troglodyte, which she believes will give her the power to see the future, including her own death. She once passed a test to join the herbalist’s guild of a nearby island town, but was deemed to delusional and unpredictable to be accepted, and practice. For a true ally, she will care for a child or other relatively helpless creature until it is better (or grown).

Old Lady Bones uses a proxy named Yujioshi, a human cannibal with a painted face, and can put the PCs in touch with a nearby captain named Morphosia of Willowspeak, a horribly powerful witch and necromancer with a crew of head-hunter cannibals, demon-worshippers, and savages, in addition to the skeletons and zombies she keeps hanging from various parts of her fleet of four ships, with a total crew of nearly 200 living beings, and a variable number of undead minions.

Old Lady Bones

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