Quyang Guy Ming

Crime Ring member, male half-elf rogue 3


Quyang Guy Ming, Ming, or Mister Quyang

Skilled Sniper (CR 2; NPC Codex p. 145), 600 XP (exchange Perform [wind] skill ranks for Handle Animal [Handle Animal +5], and Swim ranks for Use Magic Device [Use Magic Device +5])

Before Combat: In the first encounter, Ming drinks a potion of cat’s grace, and a potion of expeditious retreat, and has a sleep arrow prepared (alternatively, he may also have an arrow poisoned with pseudodragon poison); he attempts to sneak attack the first character that comes within 30 feet of him, or the most tough-looking character, whichever is more appropriate. Ming prefers to ambush enemies, using his sneak attack, and as many preparatory assets as possible before combat, to maximize his effectiveness. He knows his armored horse is recognizable in the small town, and may use that to his advantage; in a campaign where his horse is a figurine of power (see below), he may stash the horse out of sight until it is appropriate.

During Combat: Ming attempts to remain out of melee/reach, using his sneak attack against unknowing foes, or allowing his minions to flank foes, so he can sneak attack them during combat. If forced into melee, he attempts to escape the touch of others, almost irrationally, and may leave himself open to other attack forms by doing so. In the first encounter, after Ming sneak attacks a character, he attempts to flee on horseback – he hides from the first guard towers, either by drinking a potion of invisibility, by dismissing the figurine horse if applicable (see below), or simply by remaining out of sight, off of the path. Once in town, Ming attempts to stay out of sight, allowing the rest of the plan to take place, or he uses the horse in a specific placement to take advantage of the situation, and eliminate the PCs, whom he has been informed are a primary threat, and will greatly diminish the effectiveness of the town’s guards to thwart their plans.

Morale: If all of his allies/minions are dead, and when brought to less than 5 hp, Ming will negotiate his surrender (below 10 hp if someone is actively holding/touching him in a way he wishes to escape). He orders them to fight to the death, in order that they might be reincarnated in an enlightened form, although this is only propaganda – a Sense Motive check reveals that he does not truly believe his own words.

In addition, Ming rides a horse named Xuanifh. This is a normal horse (CR 1, 600 XP, Combat-trained, with primary melee hoof attacks) with scale mail barding; or, if you prefer (esp. games with PC cavaliers, samurai, paladins, or other mounted combatants), it is a black jade horse figurine of power, which understands Tian (Common), with the same stats (price TBD; item page).


Ming is light skinned with dark hair, bearing an intense stare and menacing glares, and has a finely groomed goatee mustache, and high-pointed brows. He is an assassin in training.

Ming has an intense personality, and a complicated set of psychoses. While he secretly used to beg for food in northern Minata’s island towns, he now has an overly clean, neat-freak kind of attitude, and looks upon dirty hands as a sign of barbarism (he wears gloves at all times). As a former miner, he had a wife and daughter, both of whom were slaughtered mercilessly by raiding Minatan Pirates, and he now selectively despises most of the pirate clans, some for irrational reasons – he does not know which clan performed the raid which killed his loved ones.

He treats all other people as rivals, and becomes incredibly jealous, angry, and possessive whenever anyone else touches his masterwork shortbow. He also makes up seemingly arbitrary rules of etiquette (such as, “Redheads always sit on the left side of the table!”), and is an obsessive collector of jade animal statues (but only those able to be held in the palm of one’s hand).

Before the adventure begins, Ming stables in town at the Forest Spirit, which offers private stabling for guests and visitors. While there, he is disguised as a female elf, and tales of “her strength and cold demeanor” abound at the pub in the middle-class tavern. His recent activities and rumors surrounding the “elven woman who rode an armored horse” may help to throw the PCs off the trail, and lead them away from other clues, activity of the crime ring, or entrances to their underground base of operations. Ming is meant to remain out of sight and hindrance until other options are no longer available, when all of his allies are down, or as a last stand between the PCs and the crime ring’s leader(s) in Rimija (primarily Siruti Ravanashad and Miruki of the Shallow-Glen). Ming is a second-in-command to Siruti, however, because of Miruki’s invaluable knowledge and skills, he is considered a high-priority asset of the crime ring, and therefore Ming must put his own life on the line for Miruki. Ming does not value the incorrigible halfling menace, and will attempt to flee when encountered with the alchemist, assuming the clever and quick little minx will be able to flee on his own.

Quyang Guy Ming

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