Ri Anyu


NE male human rogue 1 (Pickpocket)


This up and coming thief is among the best of the local riff-raff on all the docks of Minata, asked by each of the pirate clans to join their ranks, before joining the crime ring. Since so few of the crime ring members are aware of his background, his past activity of rape, murder, and kidnapping of children and adolescents has gone largely unnoticed. He often chews on tobacco, or—when it’s not present—his own lips, and pokes at his teeth with his daggers. He is having a secret intimate relationship with Akash Ginh, and even though she has silently fallen in love with him, the feeling is not mutual. He has a terrible work ethic, and always loiters around while others perform any of the hard work. He is a boastful and irreverent atheist, and openly wants to become an assassin.

Ri Anyu

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