Taiko Imanyu

Rimija Council Member, Advisor of Commerce, male tengu expert5


Lead Advisor of Commerce (NG male tengu expert 5)


Taiko Imanyu, Taiko, or Mister Imanyu.

Taiko has a chipped beak, and a past mishap with a magical item has left him with a portion of his head feathers curling and twisting in an erratic fashion.

Taiko was previously addicted to the drug called Pesh, imported from Garund (Katapesh), often through Nagajor and Goka, but has been clean for almost ten years (six years as council member). Along with his other strengths, he used to focus on Magic Devices, until a traumatizing accident left him reluctant to ever take up the hobby once again. He tends to be a little absent-minded, easily changing subjects, and considers himself a connoisseur of fine food and drink, and insists on lecturing about it. Before becoming a council member (and his years as a drug addict), Taiko was a gravedigger for the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu.

Taiko would like to climb a mountain higher than 5,000 ft. tall by non-magical means during his lifetime – the taller the mountain, the better. He is attempting to memorize a holy script during his free time (the central doctrine of Amaditi-teratsu). Locals tell of a ghost which inhabits the forest to the east of the town, which Taiko claims he knows how to placate the restless spirit. He also knows the best fishing spots on the river outside the town’s lake.

The council of Rimija is made up of a group of elders and elected members which can differ in number through the years, but which currently stands at nine members (seven elders and two elected non-elders), five of which occupy the most important seats, the Advisors. These are listed in the town’s description, as each Advisor is a specialist, advocate, and organizer for a specific function of the community. Lead Advisor of Commerce deals with all forms of trade, barter, services, and goods dealt with – primarily through the trading medium of the temple’s dockside markets, and this advisor has a very close working relationship with all lead members of the temple complex.

Taiko Imanyu

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