Timiu Imrikiya

Rimija Council Member, Advisor of Lore, male elf expert2/adept3


Lead Advisor of Lore (LN male elf expert 2/adept 3)


Timiu Imrikiya, Timiu, or (‘Huir’ – often translated as ‘Sire’; a formality for elven nobles or pure-blooded lineage) Huir/Sire Imrikiya

Timiu has a flaming red mane of voluminous hair, which he wears long, often loose or tied in braids of loose or tight winding, depending on level of formality. While he tends to avoid direct eye contact when he is reciting lore, or otherwise speaking a discourse, if he feels very close to you, he will often smile and wink at you, one of his few human-like mannerisms, which he seems to have picked up from the Minatan local children. His hands are often covered in the stains marks of one who both writes and draws, either in charcoal or ink, and while his hands, clothes, and workspace are often messy and blotched with these media, his documents, drawings, inventories, and other scribery is often flawless and distinctive.

While he is kind and polite, he avoids personal contact (esp. with non-elves) at any cost, and is incredibly offended if his head or feet are touched; he grows noticeably repulsed if touched, and tries to clean himself as soon as possible afterward. He is an avid collector of unique wooden boxes and similar trinkets of relative worthlessness but high cultural distinctiveness, and enthusiastically inspects any of these items encountered, extolling their “unique” and “general” qualities – and often tends to get Taiko worked up on such objects, sometimes getting “side-tracked” on exploring a particular item’s cultural significance or history, as opposed to, or along with its inherent market value. He tends to listen to all notable gossip and rumors from citizens or other council members, often beginning new projects of exploration or research when a new bit of information is brought up or revealed. He wishes the community had the funds and time to uncover and explore the ruins beneath the terraced fields, but as yet there is insufficient reason or demand for such a time-consuming endeavor, and he has yet to find any means to raise the funds needed to do so.

Timiu has a difficult time dealing with his gambling addictions, and has spent significant years of his life in debt to others (and still has these problems occasionally), and despite constant financial setbacks, he wishes he could save money for long-terms plans, such as his eventual retirement from Rimija‘s council. Before his time in Rimija, Timiu’s duties in Minkai, and before that, in the elven nation of Kyonin, as a scribe, lorekeeper, and legal assistant, had led him into the service of a powerful Minkai noble named Yoshiro Sentagawa. Before his death, Yoshiro – an influential trade captain who oversaw activities in Minata – spoke of a small community where one of his sons and three of his daughters were secretly schooled, south of the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu where they studied, and made Timiu promise to go to this place, and see to it that the secret town there receive his very best years of service as loremaster before he could leave them to their own safety and longevity of the precariously located community. Timiu has pledged to give 35 years of service to Rimija, and the training of his replacement, in honor to his previous employer, before he retires either to the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu, or taking his leave.

The council is made up of a group of elders and elected members which can differ in number through the years, but which currently stands at nine members (seven elders and two elected non-elders), five of which occupy the most important seats, the Advisors. These are listed in the town’s description, as each Advisor is a specialist, advocate, and organizer for a specific function of the community. Lead Advisor of Lore is in charge of researching history, magic, wildlife, and any notable information about the town’s activities or residents, keeping records and documents, advising the council on major decisions (voice of historical and moral conscience), providing access to spellcasting and magical items as requested by the council, and dictating the content and direction of the town’s local schooling for youngsters.

Timiu Imrikiya

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