NE male human barbarian 3, Indigo Bones contact (proxy)


NE male Tian-Sing (Minatan) human barbarian 3 – no stats provided. See also, Old Lady Bones, and Morphosia of Willowspeak.


Yujioshi is a drug-riddled barbarian with a bad temper, generally filthy and unkempt appearance, missing teeth, and compulsively blinks, winces, and scrunches up his face without an apparent reason. He has a painted face like a skull over his own face, and wears the ragtag dress of a typical south Minatan local savage. He speaks broken Minatan and some Tien, and often needs explanations of seemingly everyday civilized behavior. He is terrified of disease, and sick people.

Yujioshi once outwitted a powerful summoned monster (asura) in combat, gaining the respect of Morphosia of Willowspeak, who took him onto her crew, eventually placing him as a proxy and information agent in the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu, where she hoped to have him in place in case any stories of powerful magical artifacts told to him could give her the upper hand in future dealings. Yujioshi is addicted to some of Old Lady Bones’ drug concoctions, and works/acts primarily to pay off his debts and get more drugs. He has told Morphosia of Willowspeak of his desires to have her change him into a tiefling like herself, which she has promised to do for him if she ever comes upon the ability to do so, which she has convinced Yujioshi she can do (with the proper magical resources).

He knows the secret location of an evil fey circle in southern Minata which holds sway over the region, and how to appease them in order to null their deadly urges against humanoids. Yujioshi can put any character or creature in touch with Morphosia of Willowspeak for a fee – or for free, if urged by another Indigo Bones member, such as Old Lady Bones – and he will start a fight for even the most common ally.


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