Heraldic Pendant

A chained pendant of inexpensive metals and semi-precious stones, with psionic and heraldic symbols


Akash Ginh carries this item on her person during the first encounter of ‘The Crime Ring’ (1st level).

The pendant is three charms strung on a chain, which can be linked together into a single piece – the center is a reptilian eye made from elliptical shapes, enclosed in a circle of metal with colored stripes, and jade inlays, encompassed by gilded wings and tail-feathers like a bird; on each side, a ziggurat with a celestial symbol above it: the sun beaming orange light down on a white pyramid, with its light converting to a brilliant blue like water, and the moon and stars beaming blue light down on a black pyramid, with its light converting to a deep crimson red, like blood.

Knowledge (arcana, history, or psionics) DC 15-25 will give more information about the design. Its latent abilities are only activated when held or carried on the person of any psionic creature, or an Annunaki-blooded creature. For any spell or psionic effect which may require a focus item, this item will work when held by such a creature, and grants a +1 bonus to concentration checks made to manifest psionic powers when held aloft. When held and while making concentration checks to manifest powers without any display, the object allows the manifester to take 20 on the roll. In addition, the duration of time needed to regain psionic focus is halved while held. The bonuses from this item do not stack with itself, or with any other types of bonuses to these checks. It appears completely mundane until held by the specific creatures stated above, and when not held by such a creature, its effects disappear, and it does not detect as magic/psionic.


Heraldic Pendant

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