Serpent Symbol parchment


The parchment is stolen from the crime ring leader, to whom it was given by the naga’s agent. It contains a drawn ink symbol with many ancient heraldic and alchemical elements in it: a serpent in the shape of an infinity sign, wrapped around a circular object like a disk; the serpent has other heads and tails coming out of it, as well as a clawed reptilian hand, a sleeping serpent resting on its coils, a serpent head overlooking the disk, a humanoid naga head with forked tongue, and a head which appears split in two parts, one humanoid and one snake-like. Upon closer examination of the disk, a Knowledge (geography) DC 20 reveals that the shapes on the disk are land masses of the world of Golarion, including parts of Tian Xia, Casmaron, Avistan, Garund, the mysterious continent called Sarusan, and even Azlant – which strangely, appears to be a single land mass, Knowledge (history) DC 25 revealing that it is Azlant prior to its sinking, in ancient history.

The parchment reads, “If you find this symbol anywhere during your conquest of the isles of Minata, or at any other time, note its location and characteristics on paper, and report it immediately to me. This symbol, as well as the sign of the Serpent Empires, or any related symbol, is often used in the Ancient Empire to denote places of great power and potency, and they shall be instrumental in bringing about the might of the Ancient Bloodkin. You might also find the serpent enclosing its tail as a circle, or alone in this entwined style, or two serpents entwined around one another. Be vigilant, and do not fail me.” The letter is signed, “Financier”.

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Serpent Symbol parchment

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