This nation is also called the Wandering Isles, and is the southeastern archipelago region of Tian Xia, bordered only by sea water, but with close proximity to Xa Hoi and the Valashmai, stretching out into the Okaiyo Ocean.

Alignment CN
Capital None
Major Races Tian-Sings, wayangs
Languages Aquan, Minatan, Tien, Wayang
Religion Desna (Amaditi-teratsu), Hei Feng, Lady Nanbyo, Lao Shu Po, Sun Wukong, numerous tribal cults

Minata is divided into three general portions: Northern Minata is called Atas Pulu, southern Minata is called Rendah Pulu, and central Minata, where the majority of the adventure takes place, is called Tengah Pulu. This region is covered (only shortly) on Pathfinder Wiki.

  • Atas Pulu (north): The most welcoming of Minata’s islands, dominated by the group of isles known as the Shibobekas, is a massive trading region extensively exploited by foreigners from the rest of Tian Xia. Many wayangs live here, and claim that the eruption of the dormant volcano once named Mount Shibotai, coincided with the event that brought their kind forth from the Plane of Shadow at the end of a time period called the Age of Ashes. At the center of the Shibobekas is the island city of Inahiyi (population 6,245), the default capital of the region, devoted exclusively to the appeasement of the demon which wayangs believe exists, lying inside the dormant volcano.
  • Tengah Pulu (central): Often infamous for their rivaling pirate clans, petty warlords, and penchant for crime on the open seas, central Minata is the unlikely home of the peaceful town of Rimija and the growing temple complex to the north of them. Large islands with their own inner activities include Belem and Bukorang, respectively, the pirate clan island, and the home island of the otherworldly wayangs.
  • Rendah Pulu (south): The home of savage demon worshipers, primitive and cannibalistic head-hunters, and various other island terrors, this dangerous territory is a little too close for comfort to the adventure home setting, and offers much in the way of oncoming dangers and unforeseen antagonists.
  • Zo Piaobo (floating raft-city): This unique principality is a floating community of flotilla-borne people, which composes the single largest allied pirate fleet in all of Minata, changes size and population over time, being nomadic on the open seas between northern and central Minata. The rulers of this clan, called the Zo, have a far-reaching influence, and have minimal influence on the adventure until after the first portion of the arc is completed, at least until the PCs have reached Nagajor on their first journey off their home island.

Players have been asking me about the real-world cultural influences of the fictional region of Minata, and the following map should help give you an idea of the naming conventions and cultural inspirations. Minata is, in many ways, based off of the fictional pulp-fantasy versions of these southeast Asian and Oceania island regions, including southern Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the nations of Indonesia, Papau New Guinea, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, etc.
Minata nations ref worldmap

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