Ruko (Coastal Route Port)
See also: Hipshen (southeast, village), Malen Kxien (northeast, town), Valashmai Jungle (north, west, and south), Xa Hoi (patron region; border is 50 ft. east of town’s main border road), Rhiu’jhilan-Hoi, Nagajor (north), Tian Xia (continent)

N Small Town (academic research outpost)
Corruption -2; Crime +0; Economy -4; Law -4; Lore +5; Society -10
Qualities academic, magically attuned
Danger +20; Disadvantages cursed, hunted


Government magical (arcane academy research outpost)
Population 600 (125 humans, 100 nagaji/ophiduans, 375 others)
Notable NPCs
Nanh Do Quyen, Lead Valashmai Arcane Phenomena (VAP) Researcher (LG female human magus 8)
Hyephtha Khaseimn, Assistant VAP Researcher (NG female ophiduan psion 7)
Mamkito Laji, Assistant VAP Researcher (CG male kitsune wizard 6)
Popsan Tiktik, Lead Archivist & Scribe (NG female tengu bard 6)
Orphilin Lanjin, Head of Security (LN male samsaran samurai 7)
Serumvane of the Valashmai, Expert Valashmai Ranger (CG male nagaji inquisitor 2/ranger 4)
Amrist Elmaxi, Dockmaster (NG female Castrovelian elf expert 4/soulknife 3)


Base Value 800 gp; Purchase Limit 6,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items

Ruko is a small, dreary but steamy port town located on the very furthest southwest border of Xa Hoi on the jungle expanse called the Valashmai Jungle. It would not exist at all if it were not for its ideal location for simple trade with Minatans and pirates, and the ongoing academic interest by some in the paranormal characteristics of the strange field of energies which surrounds the region. One of the most elite and dignified academies in all of Tian Xia, the local professorship in Xa Hoi’s prestigious arcane and psionic studies has allowed for a continued research presence on the safest borders of the Valashmai Arcane Phenomena (or VAP) field, and finances a small outfit in the area, creating a small town where there would otherwise only be an empty coastline. Many local peoples of different races have also come to congregate here, looming near to the growing populace, subsisting on incoming funds and resources from the collegiate researchers while they keep the outpost-town secure from jungle threats, savage natives, and other hazards. Ruko is often surrounded by a dense fog that rolls out onto the ocean from the steaming inland foliage, and jungle rains can last for hours and cause massive flooding in some nearby areas quite easily; the climate is very warm and humid, and gets even hotter in the later spring and summer months.

In addition to the constant threats which emerge from the jungle to hunt and kill the locals, the town is also cursed. The curse grants a specified -4 penalty to the community’s Society modifier, in addition to other normal effects of the disadvantage; the exact nature and solution for the curse affecting the town can be determined by the GM. By solving the challenge of the town’s curse, the PCs could remove the cursed disadvantage from the community. By properly protecting the town from a particularly challenging wilderness enemy, the PCs could also possibly remove the hunted disadvantage from the community. Otherwise, this community is merely meant to stand as a waypoint for the PCs on their journey to Nagajor.

Story Award: If the PCs find the source of the curse over the town, and neutralize it – or if they determine the source of the threats from the jungles that endanger the town, and neutralize them – award each PC that takes part in these resolutions 150 XP each for each disadvantage they remove. It is recommended for GMs to employ the use of CR 4 challenges for both of these story challenges (or, CR 3 and CR 5): for example, an interdimensional rift could be protected by a shadow (CR 3), and once destroyed, might lift the curse over the town; and, to deal with the threats hunting the town, a shadow mastiff (CR 5) could also be added to the shadow encounter, or somewhere nearby to the planar rift – additionally, the optional mythic baby kaiju encounter could serve to neutralize the hunted disadvantage (if the PCs are not going to gain mythic power, then the optional kaiju encounter should not be necessary to lift the hunted condition).

If the PCs can lift the cursed condition, increase the town’s Society modifier by +4. If the PCs can lift the hunted condition, increase the town’s Economy, Law, and Society modifiers by +4, increase the base value by 125%, and reduce the Danger by -20. With all disadvantages removed, the town has the following statistics, which apply to the community stats exactly 1 week following the removal of the disadvantages.

Corruption -2; Crime +0; Economy +0; Law +0; Lore +5; Society -2
Danger +0
Base Value 1,000 gp


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