Tian Xia

Tian Xia is an oriental nation of the far east, a land of ancient mystery, often called the Dragon Empires.

It includes many territories, including the following many nations and regions which are not necessarily utilized in this adventure arc:

  • Goka
  • The Wall of Heaven
  • Minkai
  • The Forest of Spirits
  • Hongal
  • Shaguang
  • Kaoling
  • Jinin
  • Zi Ha
  • Chu Ye
  • Wanshou
  • Amanandar
  • Lingshen
  • Quain
  • Shokuro
  • Shenmen
  • Kwanlai
  • Tianjing
  • Bachuan
  • Hwanggot
  • Po Li
  • Dtang Ma
  • Oceanic regions: Xidao, Songil Sea, Ivory Sea, Okaiyo Ocean, and Valashmai Sea

This adventure takes places primarily in Minata, Nagajor, and the Valashmai Jungle, with some small portions in Xa Hoi. If the PCs journey outside of this scope, it is best for a GM to be prepared, as this adventure contains several sandbox-style elements, and individual tables may choose a slower XP progression, making it more necessary for additional encounters. As the adventure unfolds, and high-speed travel between various lands is achieved over the course of the campaign arc, exploration outside of this scope is always possible, especially if & when the PCs attempt to find answers to their questions in the incorrect locations/sources.

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Tian Xia

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