Alignment CN
Capital None
Notable Settlements None
Ruler None
Government None
Major Races Catfolk, grippli, lizardfolk, xills (green-form), various degenerate humanoids, monsters
Languages Abyssal, Catfolk, Draconic, Grippli, Infernal, pidgin Tien
Religion Lamashtu, numerous demigods, and forgotten cults
Resources Ancient magic (psionics) and hidden secrets

Valashmai Jungle is covered shortly on Pathfinder Wiki, here.

This dense expanse of rainforests, jagged mountainous regions, massive swamps, and known – among its many natural dangers – for its terrible monsters and savage, brutal beasts, plants, and other formidable primordial foes. Notable sites include Goroyasa (an island enslaved by evil psychic fungus), the undiscovered Star Titan’s Grave (a city-sized humanoid-shaped construct object which fell from the sky long ago), the two mountain ranges (Chenlun in the west, dominated by fire giants and oni; and Sudisan Peaks in the east, with other terrible plants and plant-like creatures), and many other undiscovered mysteries and ancient sites.

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