Walk the path of an ancient prophecy

And prevent the takeover of Golarion by the Serpent Empires once and for all…

Return of the Annunaki is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible adventure campaign set on the world of Golarion (and its cosmos), which begins at 1st level, and takes characters to very high levels (18th or more), with the possible option to continue on to epic continuations of this basic campaign arc.

As a sort of spiritual sequel to The Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path, which described the first of many planned attempts for the coming return of the Serpent Empires to power, this campaign arc follows the previous activities by the serpentfolk, and their failed attempt to raise their own lesser empire to power once again, one of several backup plans begins to unfold. Awaiting the foretold events of an ages-old prophecy of the return of the blooded lineage of the Ancients – serpentine beings known commonly among all snake-like intelligent beings as the Ancients, or Annunaki – these central divine figures’ return seems to be much less likely than the destructive actions of those individuals most prominently found among their blood cults, who are known as much for their sacrifices of innocent victims, as they are for their intricate observations of time and the motions of the stars and planets over vast periods of time.

In this adventure series, the player characters find themselves on the tail end of a mystery that far predates the more well-known Serpent Empires of serpentfolk and nagas, and eventually leads to the return of the Ancient Serpent Overlords, to once again reclaim dominion over the lands of Golarion and their slumbering empires. As they reveal more and more of the ancient secrets, the PCs must also reclaim ages-old treasures in an attempt to prevent the rise of the Serpent Empires once more, and seek out new information about the coming of the ancient Serpent Overlords, who shall return from the stars to reclaim their prized lands in Golarion, and on nearby Castrovel.

When a group of thugs and robbers turns into a crime spree by a new, unknown force for chaos and death in an otherwise peaceful region, a mystery to reveal its origin unfolds a much older prophecy and the events which may yet again lead to the rise of a beyond-ancient, imperial reptilian foe with incredible knowledge of the skies and stars. As the party journeys to far-off lands tracking down the clues and evidence of this eons-old mystery, Golarion’s most exotic and distant lands are explored.

Beginning in the eastern regions of the southern Tian Xia nation of Minata, and trekking not only across the foreboding lands of the Valashmai Jungle and Nagajor, but utilizing an ancient magical system of teleportation gates and other means of transport, our adventurers find that the riddle of the serpentfolk (or Anakim/Annunaki) not only spans many lands and unknown centuries and millennia, but even between two or more worlds as well, and possibly much further still – to worlds which stretch the very limits of the imagination in their distance from their homes.

It begins in Tian Xia, the oriental nation of the far east, in the southern part of the continent, beginning in a quiet part of Minata, and which touches upon mysteries left to unfold from many hundreds and hundreds of years ago, unfolding a prophecy of a divine return of beings which may yet bring the rise of the serpent once and for all. These ages-old clues are explored and uncovered across many lands, including the Tian nations of Nagajor and the Valashmai Jungle territory – to the regions of Vudra where naga elder sages rule as raja of their city-states of the peninsular lands west of our adventurers’ homes – to the southern expanse of Garund, whose northern reaches are much more known to the Inner Sea’s inhabitants than the vast wilderness and ancient temples of its southern extent – to the mind-boggling lost continent known as Sarusan, whose very nature represents hazards unknown to our mortal heroes – and even to the distant worlds of Golarion’s skies, to Castrovel the Green, and its cursed northwestern continent, where millennia-old riddles and life-threatening curses guard temples to beings known as the Ancients, who are said to one day return, and even the ruling Lashunta fear and avoid these terrors. Once our heroes master the means to travel between these places, they will have to uncover the clues piece by piece, often by journeying to far-away lands on a whim, in order to discover the next piece in this eons-old puzzle. Toward the end of the adventure, a trek into the First World to commune with the elder being known as Imbrex will also solidify the quest to defend the world from a future of several hundred years of enslavement by reptilian overlords. Finally, the Serpent Overlords will descend to earth in their massive metal sky-ships to once again reclaim their dominion over the mortals of Golarion, and the PCs will find themselves face to face with the ancient mysteries brought before them.

Will these vast explorations, hot on the tail of a mystery that unfolds and stays abreast of our adventurers like a high-speed chase wrapped in a detective story, uncovered through the oldest, least known ruins of Golarion and its neighboring worlds, become a tale of epic heroism that saves all the modern empires of mortalkind from tyranny and bloodshed, or will the kingdoms of humans and other races be brought low before the scaly rule of ancestral snake-beings who desire bloodshed and dominion over peace and the ascension of their subjects? What begins as a criminal ring with potential ties to a naga overlord financing the corruption of a peaceful region, and leads to an enigmatic prophecy and the first of many possible plans by the serpentfolk and their kin to rise to ultimate power, could be the most revealing campaign arc set on Golarion, taking place across vast spans of space and time.

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Return of the Annunaki

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