Jiang Biao

NE male human rogue 3 (CR 2)


Jiang Biao uses the same stats as Akash Ginh, Burglar (Skulking Sniper re-build) from GMG


This Tian-Shu man came from a military background (Xa Hoi), mostly as a mercenary patrolling national borders in regions of conflict, when he became taken up with the idea of becoming a sniper and assassin. He has thick brown hair, which hangs nearly to his shoulders, and a thin bit of uncommon facial hair, which he tends to stroke while he is deep in thought. He is missing fingers on both hands (just not the trigger fingers), and often winks at those he is charming, wooing, or bluffing.

Jiang Biao often refers to himself in third-person in the rare cases when he speaks aloud, but is otherwise a deeply silent, isolated, and stubborn man without need or want for confessions, personal or otherwise. He is a shrewd person of little actual substance, with a disdain for everyone besides himself. He tries to use deception, disguise, and subterfuge in all instances when he is required to have discussion or other contact with others. He is willing to die for the cause of the crime ring, and follows the teachings of Lady Nanbyo, whose holy texts he is attempting to commit to memory.

Jangbyo (male wayang). Optionally, for racial diversity, this NPC might be a wayang character, with the same general personality characteristics. Jangbyo often disguises himself to be a male human (Jiang Biao), and has all dark skin, long black and white hair which he keeps held back in a ponytail, and wears thick, dark robes and a cowl.

Jiang Biao

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