NE male human warrior 7, Dying Wind contact (proxy)


NE male Tian-Sing (Minatan) human warrior 7 – no stats provided. See also Captain Czulian Ubyo, Aimsar Rijin, and Minatan Pirates.


In order to do business or gather information at port in the temple complex, a single fleet within the Dying Wind uses a human proxy named Kibuntengo. This Tian-Sing man is a savage south Minatan local cannibal who joined Captain Czulian Ubyo’s ship and ground crew after the ascending ship captain stayed the hand on his execution by a crewmate following a failed raid on Czulian’s dockside holdings by the savage’s tribe members.

Educating the savage raiders under Kibuntengo’s lead to become either sailors among the crew or information gatherers at local ports, Czulian personally raised them all from the life of primitives to the life of pirates – not a huge step, but progress nonetheless. Kibuntengo is not mute, but does not speak except in rare and severe circumstances, instead relying on others who know him better to do most of the explaining (such as Aimsar Rijin, who has been information-sharing with Kibuntengo for nearly a year).

Kibuntengo has imposing features on his long face, including snake tattoos and warpaint, and he dresses like a savage, but with the added flair of a dark and only slightly worn cape. He has a cold, determined, and unnerving stare, but he usually remains modest and unimposing unless he is in contact with a target/mark, an enemy of the Clan who needs to be dealt with. He often spits, snorts, or clears his throat instead of responding to someone in any way. He speaks and says as little as possible, and when feeling threatened or excited, he makes what amount to animal noises, such as bird calls, roars, or other savage jungle animal behaviors.

As a young man, Kibuntengo was actually once killed in combat while sparring with another tribe member, but the now-deceased witch shaman at the time brought him back to life, imbuing him with a sense of awe and wonder at those powers he cannot control. He wishes to hunt and kill a catoblepas, and hides the secret knowledge that he has some troll blood in his family lineage, a feature his tribe would consider a terrible taint if they ever knew – but which Czulian Ubyo knows about. Kibuntengo acts as a messenger, emissary, and information agent for Czulian Ubyo for anyone with the right funds, or who commands high levels of respect in the Clan of the Dying Wind – but always acts with outright devotion and loyalty to Czulian alone.


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