Return of the Annunaki

Day One

The party is ambushed along the trail between Rimija and the temple by a group of crime ring members, and one of them gets away, while another is captured and imprisoned. Later, after searching for clues and gathering information about the possible whereabouts of other criminal activity, the PCs get rooms at the Forest Spirit tavern and private stable, split up to follow up on different leads, and some of them are ambushed in the south market. One half-orc, a halfling, and a tengu get away after the market stalls are damaged by the explosive devices they use, and the tengu thug manages to take down one of the PCs during his escape. After gathering clues and tending to wounds, the party chooses to sleep at the tavern from 5pm to 1am, and recover their daily resources before searching the town once again.


Trail Ambush (late morning): Quyang Guy Ming (male half-elf sniper) & Horse (Xuanifh), Irimu (human male), Ri Anyu (human male), and Akash Ginh (human female)
South Market Attack (mid-afternoon): 2 male tengu thugs, a male half-orc thug, and a male halfling, explosive alchemical trap devices


Akash Ginh –
Ri Anyu (deceased) –
Irimu (deceased) –
Quyang Guy Ming –
Unnamed male tengu 1 –
Unnamed male tengu 2 –
Unnamed male half-orc –
Unnamed male halfling –
List each suspect, description, actions/crimes suspected


List each clue, evidence, or statement collected leading to capture/neutralization of suspects, include suspected but questionable leads – include probability of success following up on them

Timeline of Events

In the late morning, about 2/3 the way along the trail leading back to Rimija from the temple after having accomplished their task, the PCs were returning to Rimija’s Major Captain in order to report the information of their events, when they are ambushed on the trail by several suspects. Quyang Guy Ming gets away on his horse, but Akash Ginh names him as her superior when interrogated by the PCs for more information. Capturing her, they take her back to Rimija, along the north trail, directly to the Guard’s Hall, after stopping only momentarily at one of the guard’s outpost towers along the forest trail. The Major Captain jails her at the Guard’s Hall, and the PCs are assigned to root out any criminal activity, and capture or neutralize the enemy threat to the town’s wellbeing. After splitting up and following several leads, a portion of the party is attacked in a staged event which takes place in the south market, including several explosions which damaged market stalls and surrounding flammable structures, and produced smoke (which is against the town’s smoke laws). Several suspects escaped, including a half-orc male, a halfling male, and a tengu male, and all the devices were deliberately destroyed by being activated, but one tengu male was neutralized – although he is in critical condition, he will recover in jail (he was taken by guards to the Town Hall’s small secondary jail because of his wounds, instead of being taken to the Guard’s Hall on the north side of town). One of the PCs attempted to stop the escaping tengu suspect as he rushed to the scene, but the tengu nearly killed him before getting away. No other suspects were captured or witnessed during or after the event.

Missed Evidence

[Do not fill this in – I will fill it when the group has finished the adventure/1st-level module.]

Before the Adventure Begins

When the adventure begins, the PCs are returning from their most recent job, a caravan-protection duty entrusted to them by the Major Captain, which included them being deputized under his employ, and guiding the clergy of the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu to Rimija and back to the temple; this is a semi-regular event, where the clergy and monks heal the sick, tend to the needy, and generally make Rimija a more peaceful and harmonious place to live. The PCs were successful in both trips, without any dangers, and they are on the path back to Rimija to de-brief, report the events of their task, and any information the temple may have shared with them in their brief time there. Before their task, they were warned that some information provided to the temple leadership pointed to a possible increase in criminal activity in the region, but details were scarce and vague.

There is no additional information the PCs have to share from the temple leadership, and it seems like it will be quite a dull report. Then, they are caught off guard by a team of well-prepared criminals. Each PC has some sort of inexpensive badge (made of copper or something similar) showing their duty to the Temple of Amaditi-teratsu (and Rimija, by proxy), and they have been paid for their successful accomplishment of the task beset to them – their gear is likely purchased from the nice dockside markets of the temple with their most recent coin.

First Run Playtest
Brave new adventurers try out this fan-created adventure arc

This Adventure Log will be for the first run playtesters, who have agreed to allow me to run this campaign while our usual GM is away.

Each character has their own unique, individual background, which they have developed. As a precursor to the adventure setup, they are hired for the purpose of escorting a group of temple monks and clergy between the temple and Rimija, on one of their many treks to the town, as part of the agreements they have with the town council leadership. They have successfully led the temple membership back to the temple, and are returning home from their journey, fully geared from their purchases at the temple markets – which are always more exciting and exotic than the offered goods in Rimija. Travel between these two sites is done on a specific forest trail, which crosses the peninsula, and follows closely alongside the coastline near its midway point.


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