Malen Kxien

Malen Kxien (River Route Port)
See also: Ruko (southwest, town), Hipshen (southwest, village), Valashmai Jungle (southwest), Xa Hoi (region), [[Rhiu’jhilan-Hoi]], Nagajor (west), Tian Xia (continent)

LN Large town
Corruption +0; Crime -2; Economy +1; Law +3; Lore +2; Society -2
Qualities academic, holy site, prosperous
Danger +5


Government overlord (duke/lord)
Population 3,940 (2,500 humans, 1,440 other)
Notable NPCs

  • Lord Chau Tuong Kinh, High Lord (LN male human aristocrat 4/sorcerer 6)
  • Honorable Cao Huu Liem, Imperial Honorary (Lender-Mint-Notary-Probate) (LN old male human aristocrat 7/expert 4/abjurer 2)
  • Lady Chau Que Xuan, Heir Duchess (CG female human aristocrat 5/bard 2)
  • Prof. Lam Thanh Tai, Dean of the Imperial Academy (LN male human aristocrat 2/expert 5/wizard 3)
  • Lt. Mili Runpei of House Katlan’jiun, Head of Security (LN female vishkanya magi 3/samurai 6)
  • Sgt.Yankea Kunyei Hunh, Dockmaster (NG female kitsune expert 4/warrior 5)
  • Minister Kenhui Sonan, High Priest of Abadar (LG male samsaran cleric 8)
  • Sister Muy Maly, Monastery Teacher (LG female human monk 5/tactician 2)
  • Ragamorion, Nagajoran Guide (NG male nagaji expert 4/warrior 4)
  • Ylissa Omrun of the Burntwood, Valashmai Expert (LN female ophiduan expert 4/marksman 4)
  • Namei Rokitu, Seer and Relics Historian (CG male kitsune cryptic 3/diviner 3/expert 3)
  • Capt. Xaiki Ponh, Riverboater (CN male tengu expert 3/rogue 2)


Base Value 2,600 gp; Purchase Limit 15,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

Malen Kxien (“MAY-len k’sh-YEN”) is best protected ports in southern Xa Hoi, and allows for trade between the coastal regions, and inland cities of Nagajor open to trade with foreigners. Of all the ports included here, Malen Kxien is the best suited to allow a GM to explore the culture of Xa Hoi. It could serve to begin relations between this isolationist country and Minatan trade captains, the PCs themselves (as traders, missionaries, or imperialists of their own manifest destiny), or other parties which need to further secure political stances with the country while the PCs are there to instigate this activity. Encounters can be diplomatic or political in nature, a misunderstanding resulting in a skirmish with real Xa Hoi sentries (use the stats for false Xa Hoi sentries), or pirates, with the possibility of an incursion by a wild animal from the nearby wilderness. Docking here will require the use of a skilled Xa Hoi diplomat with the party, as will most any other activity while they are in the country, and the ship(s) the PCs bring – if they are not simply hired help – can remain docked here under certain conditions and with proper payment (which can be negotiated to pay over time, although justice for eventual non-payment is harsh and extreme). Otherwise, this community is merely meant to stand as a waypoint for the PCs on their journey to Nagajor.

Story Award XP: If the PCs make an alliance between any Minatan Pirate Clan and the Xa Hoi naval defenses to better secure trade and regional peace, award those involved in the action 100 XP each.

Malen Kxien

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