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Regions & Sites

Rimija – the hometown region of the PCs
Temple of Amaditi-teratsu – the temple complex to the north of Rimija
Minata – the nation where the adventure begins, in southern Tian Xia; includes Belem and Bukorang, as well as countless other smaller island sites
Xa Hoi – the nation to the west of Minata’s central lands, sharing a border with Nagajor and the Valashmai expanse; includes Malen Kxien, Hipshen, and Ruko.
Valashmai Jungle – an expanse of dense and savage wilderness with ancient mysteries, south of Nagajor, and west of Minata
Rhiu’jhilan-Hoi, Nagajor – a populous trade city on the border of Xa Hoi, in the east of the naga-ruled nation of Nagajor
Southern Garund – a great many lands extend beyond the borders of the Inner Sea region of Golarion, included and covered here
Vudra – an elegant, mystical, and noble nation to the far west of Tian Xia, also called the Impossible Kingdoms
Sarusan – the primeval lands of dinosaurs and other lost wilderness beasts, lost from most travelers
First World – an ancient plane which may be the “first draft” of reality, a place of fey and powerful nature spirits
Castrovel – a nearby world which orbits closer to the sun than Golarion, also called the Green World

Social and Cultural Info

Amaditi-teratsu – a new sky goddess and creator deity, most likely an aspect of Desna, mostly worshiped by tengus in central and southern Tian Xia
The Ancient Ones – a new deity, worshiped by the ancient Serpent Empires and others; not a single being, but a conglomerate divine entity of their collective ancestral consciousness
Shedskin – a new deity, and an aspect of Nalinivati, the patron goddess of nagas/Nagajor
Languages – unique language usage for this adventure
Nagas – includes Nagaji and Vishkanya races
Serpentfolk – includes Ophiduans
Nephilim – includes Valashaians
Adamu – humans, half-giants, and other hybrids
Dragon Empire Races – all other native races of the Dragon Empires of Tian Xia, including Vudrani races, and Character Traits for this adventure arc (dealing with racial bloodlines)
Draconic Serpent – includes other serpentine creatures, and the Blasphemes
Lashunta – includes Castrovelian elves and other natives of the Green World
Eldest – these powerful fey, elemental, and spirit beings act as the default rulers of the First World; includes Imbrex
Planetary Composition – this deals with the makeup of setting worlds, including their magical potential and other characteristics sought after by the ancient Serpent Overlords, according to the Adventure Assumptions of this adventure arc

NPCs, Factions, & Villains

Rimija Council Members:

Rimija NPCs:

  • Nama-wagnhiaw – wayang adept/expert (docks/fishery market; helpers: Nuni and Ming-Nya)
  • Miss Nyauto – commoner (residence)

Temple Leaders:

Temple NPCs:

  • Song Kanh Iphra (N female wayang adept 3/expert 3)
  • Shetiga Lanh Ho Lei (optional sideplot character)
  • Aimsar Rijin (dock worker and contact, N male human expert 5/warrior 2)
  • Old Lady Bones (Indigo Bones Clan contact, and her bugbear companion, Grobo)
  • Javis Zhaheng (Seven Brazen Suns contact, and Capt. Angyarho Muji, ship: Star Pelican, crew: 30, part of a fleet of 5 ships)
  • Commander Kakimi Notu (Mossy Grotto Clan contact, fleet: 3 ships, crew: 175)
  • Biko Niuri and Captain Nakayama Yuto (Trade Ship, MSTEMinkai Southeast Trade Exports, ship: MSS Cold Blue Ice of a fleet of 5 ships, crew on board: 40)
  • Yujioshi – proxy to Morphosia of Willowspeak (Indigo Bones), and informant for Old Lady Bones
  • Kibuntengo – proxy to Capt. Czulian Ubyo (Dying Wind), and informant for Aimsar Rijin
  • Irebhotegho (Mason’s Guild Hall, Treasury)
  • Okotigo Ban Meikia (Mason’s Guild Hall, Elite Mason)

Other NPCs:

  • Moki-lok (CN kappa, monstrous humanoid, CR 2)
  • Morphosia of Willowspeak (Indigo Bones Clan contact, and proxy, Yujioshi, fleet: 4 ships, crew: 200 living members plus variable undead)
  • Captain Czulian Ubyo (Clan of the Dying Wind contact, and proxy, Kibuntengo, fleet: 4 ships, crew: 120)
  • Vestahl Mentu (Captured Artificer, and Brutus [homunculus], Flicker & Sticks [animated lamp stands])
  • Raft Scabs: [Cannibal], [Slaver], [Shipmates x6]

Minatan Pirates:

  • Crimson Lotus Clan (CE exiled nobles and assassins)
  • Indigo Bones Clan (CN mystics, necromancers, and head-hunters)
  • Clan of the Dying Wind (NE vampires and minions)
  • Clan of the Seven Brazen Suns (LN lesser nobles, clergy/inquisitors of Shizuru, Empress of Heaven)
  • Mossy Grotto Clan (N weather druids and sailor rangers)
  • Zo (CN sailing nomads, exiled nobles, the most populous and far-reaching clan)

Crime Ring Members (Level 1):

Crime Ring Members (Level 2):

Items & Relics

Heraldic Pendant
Serpent Symbol Parchment
Explosive Alchemical Traps – includes trigger device description
Qat (drug)
Serpent Statue

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