Alignment N
Capital Zom Kullan
Ruler First Mother Vassath Shethagri (LN female royal naga sorcerer 9)
Government Ophidian matriarchy
Major Races Nagaji, nagas
Languages Nagaji, Tien
Religion Desna, Lamashtu, Nalinivati, Tsukiyo, Yaezhing, Yamatsumi

Nagajor is covered shortly on Pathfinder Wiki, here.

As its name implies, the nation is ruled by nagas in a matriarchal society, tended to by their nagaji servitors. Along with its capital city, many other notable settlements exist:

Rhiu’jhilan-Hoi is a bustling trade city near the border shared with Xa Hoi and the Valashmai, just south of the notorious Clicking Caverns, where clockwork soldiers from below ground have been known to emerge and raid the surrounding areas, including this city, which maintains the front-line defense against future repeats of such incursions.

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