Qat (drug)

The crime ring uses a potent hybrid variety of Qat, an imported drug made from plant material, and refined into a liquid which can be added to food and drink, including potions. Its highly addictive properties are used in tandem with brainwashing techniques to force crime ring members into a state of mind where the patrons are invaluable to the drugged membership, and they will give their lives for the goals of the organization.

When this drug is mized with a potion of any kind, its primary effects and dangers are offset for the duration of the potion’s normal effects, and there is only a 30% chance that the drug’s normal effects will work after the potion’s effects have ended. When ingested in this way, the chance of seizure is also delayed until the drug’s addictive properties begin to take effect.

To detect or identify the drug’s nature, either as a single dose, or as part of any food, drink, or potions/oils (the drug can only be applied to weapons/items as poison when mixed with a magical oil, and does not function on its own as a poison which can be applied to weapons), requires a successful check from one of the following of the drug’s save DC: Craft (alchemy), Heal, Perception, or Profession (herbalist).

  • Craft (alchemy) reveals the drug’s presence and nature as an addictive additive to an otherwise standard potion or consumable.
  • Heal reveals that some substance is within this consumable which does not smell or otherwise sensed as if it is healthy to eat/consume.
  • Perception reveals that the consumable is tainted with an unnatural smell/flavor, which has elements of alchemical components and herbs/earth.
  • Profession (herbalist) reveals that some plant-based or herbal tincture is mixed in with what would otherwise be a common potion or other consumable.

Hybrid Uber-Qat

Type ingested or injury; Addiction severe, Fortitude DC 16
Price 25 gp
Effect 1d6+2 minutes; + 1d2 Strength, – 1d2 Charisma
Effect 1d3 hours; + 2 alchemical bonus to initiative and Perception checks
Damage 1d4 Con and 1d2 Wis damage, fatigued, sickened, 5% chance of seizure ( + 5% per dose, cumulative; deals nonlethal damage equal to full hit points, falls unconscious; rolling a natural 1 on the die during a save after a seizure kills the addicted character)

Severe Addiction

(From Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GameMastery Guide, Chapter 8, Drugs and Addiction)
Type disease
Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day
Effect -2 penalty to Dex, Con, Str, and Wis; target cannot naturally heal ability damage caused by the drug that caused this addiction; Cure 3 consecutive saves

Qat (drug)

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