Xa Hoi

See also: Minata (east), Nagajor (west), Valashmai (southwest), part of Tian Xia (continent)
Empire of the Dragon
Alignment LN
Capital Ngon Hoa (pop. 148,400)
Ruler His Supreme Draconic Majesty, Dragon King Pham Duc Quan (N great wyrm sovereign dragon)
Government Draconic monarchy
Major Races Tian-Dans, Tian-Dtangs, Tian-Hwans, nagaji, and wayangs
Languages Draconic, Tien
Religion Abadar, General Susumu, Irori, Nalinivati, Shizuru
Resources Dyes, iron, gold, livestock, pearls, ship supplies, ships, spices, timber
Xa Hoi – Pathfinder Wiki entry

This nation is ruled by a king who is a sovereign dragon (great wyrm) in human form, and his brothers and sisters are the generals of his armies, known as the Dragon’s Teeth. The government has a very strong naval force, and protects its coasts against the activities of pirates from Minata.

Major Settlements: An Son (pop. 41,345), Da Mien (pop. 39,950), Hon Rach (pop. 22,240), My Thien (pop. 98,800).

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Xa Hoi

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